Scandinavian supplier targets mobility equipment loan stores with latest durable products


Etac, a Scandinavian manufacturer of specialist assistive products, claims its Swift Shower Chair delivers greater value for equipment loan providers, such as Vegro in the Netherlands.

Etac and its products are supplied by Etac R82 in the UK and the Netherlands. Etac R82 supplies the Molift, Convaid, Immedia and Star Cushion brands to distributors, loan stores and end-users. These brands are designed to help disabled children and adults enhance independence, comfort and safety across all daily occupations.

As part of its bathroom range, the Etac Swift aims to be a highly durable product that is designed as a cost-effective solution for operators such as loan stores who need value for money and need to be able to reuse and reissue equipment to multiple users.

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It suits a range of abilities through an adaptable design and is strong and stable. It provides longevity via precision manufacturing and non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and polypropylene.

Based in Lisse, Vegro is a Dutch social enterprise which supplies a wide range of daily living aids to both professional organisations and private customers. It sells and loans a variety of rehabilitation products including toileting, bathing and daily living aids. Vegro has a storage and dispatch facility which re-issues Etac Swift Shower Chairs across the Netherlands. Despite being re-cycled five to 10 times per annum, Vegro is still re-issuing Swifts that have been in service for over eight years without any reduction in quality, it is claimed.

Vegro owner, Rene Kamerbeek, said: “Vegro have tried and tested many alternative shower chairs over the years but no competitor comes close to the Etac Swift in terms of build quality and durability. We can re issue Swift time-and-time-again without compromising care. This delivers long term value for money over other cheaper products. Etac Swift is integral to the success of my business.”

Ferre Leuges, managing director of Etac R82 in the Netherlands, commented: “At Etac we are often asked to justify why some of our products might cost a little more. This is because they encompass quality design and materials which cost more to manufacture.

“However, this means better reliabilty over the long term and the overall lifetime cost is lower. Cheaper products may look appealing in the short term, however they need to be replaced regularly hence overall expenditure and wastage is increased. Our Swift Shower Chair is a prime example that demonstrates better value for loan stores and more trustworthy support for end users.”

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