Row as police ‘ban user’s wheelchair power attachment’

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Police in Bolton have reportedly said they will seize a wheelchair-user’s power attachment if he continues to use it on cycle lanes.

Ronald Druckman, who is disabled, uses a TrailRider attachment manufactured by DaVinci Mobility but was halted by police recently and was told to stop using it as he was or have it seized.

Mr Druckamn spoke to DaVinci who reportedly reassured him that he is able to use the device on roads.

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But police argue that “without using the correct lighting on roads” it is an offence to use the device.

The TrailRider must have a top speed of 8mph for road use and a limiter button of 4mph on pavements, the police wrote in a letter to Mr Druckman and seen by a local newspaper.

It stated that the device must also be fitted with a horn, front and rear lights and indicators. The wheelchair is defined as a motor vehicle with the power device attached, according to the police, and therefore needs MoT, car tax, insurance and registration plates.

But Mr Druckman has disputed the police’s judgement, telling the Bolton News that he is “frustrated and annoyed”.

“It’s really wound me up. I don’t feel safe now. It’s made me very annoyed and upset that I can’t use it,” he said.

A police spokesman told the newspaper: “It is an offence under the Use of Invalid Carriages on Highways Regulations 1988 to use a mobility scooter without the correct lighting on roads.

“Travelling at more than 8mph on the road itself would also breach the regulations. We have advised Mr Druckman on numerous occasions that without this specific lighting he is putting himself and others on the road in danger, particularly at night.

“We have also told him he can continue to ride the scooter on the pavement at 4mph until he gets the correct lighting fitted that are needed for the roads.

“Unfortunately, for the safety of Mr Druckman and others, if this behaviour continues we will have to take further action.”

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  1. I AGREE WITH THE POLICE. I pointed out to a retailer some years ago that it did not conform to the rules. By adding the power front wheel it becomes a trike as stated by the retailers. An electric trike is allowed with a speed up to 15mph It must have pedals and legal lighting and can not be used on the pavement. Without pedals it is classed as an electric moped this requires all the licences and insurances as stated by the police. Google electric tricycles and the law.

  2. Melissa, Yes it becomes a Mobility scooter with the attachment, therefore it must comply with the mobility scooter rules!!! The police are correct, if he uses it on the road hes has to conform or suffer the consequences – Its an Equal world, stick to the laws and rules as we all have to!!

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