Ross Care predicts positive year for ‘professionalised’ industry

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Ross Care’s marketing manager has predicted a positive year for an increasingly ‘professionalised’ industry.

Alastair Ronaldson detailed how that despite closures and expansions adding to an ever-changing market, retail and distributor networks will continue to see opportunity.

In conversation with AMP, he said: “In terms of the retail spectrum of the market, there has certainly been some turbulence in recent years with continuing announcements of both company expansions and closures.

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“Whilst we continue to observe a lot of change, I believe that on the whole, the retail & distributor networks appear to become ever more professionalised in the industry. I’m sure this will continue to be the case in 2020 and it’s great to see more opportunities for good practice to be celebrated through various awards and competitions.”

Looking back at the last twelve months, Ronaldson commended company focus as the reason behind a number of companies realising more stability.

He explains: “Arguably, 2019 has observed more stability across companies, and I think that is a result of businesses having an increasingly focused view of their space in the market. There is a broad variety in the approach that different companies are taking and the specific models that are working for them and their locality.”

Adding: “Perhaps we are also witnessing a more sustainable approach being adopted by those whose primary focus is on driving down costs for customers. As for ourselves, we continuing down the path of becoming ever more specialist in the services we offer, with strong clinical input into how we shape our approach and a focus on training and development amongst all team members.”

On what 2020 will have in store for Ross Care, he predicts retailers will have a “growing appetite” for accreditation.

He concluded: “We will continue to work in a complementary and supportive manner of statutory providers of equipment.

“I think in 2020 we shall also see a growing appetite for accreditation amongst many retailers. If the private purchase of equipment is becoming an ever more important part of the picture for meeting ageing population demands, then that can surely only be a good thing.”

Last year, AMP covered how tender wins and investment prompted sizable Ross Care growth.

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