Rollz Mobility UK addresses household living with indoor rollator

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In a bid to help people who are housebound and living with reduced mobility, Rollz Mobility UK has launched the Page indoor Rollator.

From German manufacturer Saljol, it is now available through its UK retailer network.

The Saljol Page allows the user to also move themselves independently around their home from the seated position safely and with confidence.

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For example, they can push themselves from the living room to the toilet, position the Page over the toilet to use for support and then return to the living room – without any support from a family member or carer.

Rollz says this also removes the need for grab rails or toilet frames, as the stable rollator functions like a mobile handrail.

Its narrow dimensions of just 56cm at the bottom and 51cm at the top means the Saljol Page can easily fit through most internal doorways within the home as well as rooms where space may be restricted such as the bathroom or the living room where there can be narrow gaps between tables and cupboards.

The Page can also be used as a serving and transport trolley, allowing the user to bring tea or supper with them from one room to another or to transport laundry with ease around the home.

Commenting on the release, Arjan Muis, CEO at Rollz International, said: “We are delighted to have added the Page indoor rollator from Saljol to our product portfolio.”

Adding: “We are always looking for products which will be popular with our retailers and increase the independence and confidence of the user and the stable Page indoor rollator does exactly that.”

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