Rollz Mobility rolls out new shower chair


Rollz Mobility has become the UK distributor for the new Saljol Spa shower chair, which aims to allow the user to shower alone while preventing falls.

The chair offers the user stability while the four wheels enable the chair to rotate on the spot so the user can shower independently while seated.

As the chair does not move side to side or back and forth the user can sit down safely without the risk of the chair slipping away from under them.

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Saljol said that the Spa shower chair has also been designed with the carer in mind for when someone is unable to shower independently, and comes in three sizes – small, medium and large.

By rotating the Spa chair on the spot, the carer can turn the user while remaining dry at all times which is not possible with most standard shower chairs.

The thermoplastic seat reflects body heat so feels warm as soon as the user sits down.

Rollz also asserts that the seat parts can be removed and easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.                                      

As with all products in the Saljol portfolio, the Spa chair has been designed to blend in with a domestic bathroom and can also be used as a stool for when using the basin.

“We are delighted to have added the Spa shower chair from Saljol to our product portfolio. Carers do an amazing job and never more so than now and we believe this product could help make their role easier during these very challenging times,” commented Arjan Muis, CEO, Rollz International.

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