Roho wheelchair cushions spearhead Permobil’s proactive healthcare offering

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The ROHO family of cushions is designed to provide proactive healthcare for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility that sit many hours of the day

Cushions are quick and easy to set up and just as easy to maintain. A cushion can be individually adjusted to a first-time user’s needs in a matter of minutes.

Proven protection

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The unique Dry Floatation technology in a Roho cushions mimics the beneficial properties of water to provide a safe and comfortable, enveloping environment that matches the shape of a person.

As the body moves and changes of the course of the day, month or year, the cushion adapts to ensure a user is always optimally seated. Roho cushions are designed to help users get more out of their day-to-day lives, every day of their lives.

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