Rise in scooter numbers leads to calls for new traffic laws

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A rise in the number of mobility scooter crashes in the last few years, including a recent high-profile incident, has led to calls for new traffic laws.

Head of the parliamentary advisory council for transport safety is urging ministers to update the Highway Code and consider the large number of mobility scooters and other “non-conventional” vehicles on the road.

David Davies, executive director for the council, told The Times that Britain would see an increase in unconventional road casualties as more people used the scooters and e-bikes.

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“Traditional road safety interventions — vehicle engineering, traffic calming, safety cameras, speed awareness courses — probably won’t be effective,” he told the newspaper. “New approaches will be needed. The laws and highway code may need to change.”

The Department for Transport’s statistics show that in 2015 mobility scooters were involved in 222 accidents, eight of which were fatal. That is an increase from 209 a year earlier, 156 in 2013 and 84 in 2012.

Davies’ advice comes shortly after a child was left injured after being run over and dragged along a pavement in Gosport by a mobility scooter, the user of which has not yet been identified.

Conservative MP Kevin Foster suggested last year that mobility scooters should be fitted with number plates but this was rejected by the Government.

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