Ribcap launches fashionable soft shell helmet to prevent falls injuries


Ribcap has announced the launch of its first fashionable soft shell helmet designed to protect the at risk community from falls and injuries.

Marketed as the first and only brand on the market to be BSI tested, Ribcap’s daily use design mimics popular headwear such as a ball cap, beanie, or bucket hat and is made from medical-grade specially formulated and patented polyurethane foam technology, proven to withstand significant and repeated impact.

Fashionable, protective, and comfortable, Ribcap helmets have been welcomed and praised by the medical community for their innovative technology, sleek design, and commitment to preserving individuality for those who are at risk of falls or injury including seniors, children, and those with neurological conditions such as autism, epilepsy, Parkinsons, and more.

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As Ribcap embarks on its journey to create a more inclusive adaptive fashion environment, it plans to expand its products offerings to include protective bodywear in addition to its flagship helmets.

Dr Amy Hester, Ph.D., RN, BC, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder & Chairwoman of the Board of HD Nursing, LLC, said: “Ribcap is an amazing technology that revolutionizes how we approach injury prevention from falls. In the past other devices, helmets, hats, and caps have been designed without thought to how they make the wearer look.

“Ribcap has changed that by pairing innovative, evidence-based technology for injury prevention with attractive styles that encourage people to wear them without embarrassment or dread. As a clinician and scientist focused on falls and injury prevention, I fully support the use of Ribcap for anybody at risk for falling for any reason.”

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