ReWalk Robotics inks supply contract with major health insurer

Rewalk Robotics

ReWalk Robotics has entered into a contract with BKK Mobil Oil Insurance to provide its Personal Exoskeleton devices to eligible beneficiaries with spinal cord injury.

The contractual arrangement is the first with a company health insurance fund and follows a series of agreements with several health insurance providers in Germany, which ReWalk has signed since the beginning 2020.

With over one million beneficiaries, BKK Mobil Oil is one of the largest of a total of 72 corporate health insurance funds in Germany.

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Under the terms of the contract, eligible individuals can receive a ReWalk Personal 6.0 exoskeleton, which enables them to stand and walk in their homes and communities, after completing the training programme.

“BKK Mobil Oil has taken the lead within corporate health insurers in Germany by entering into this contract,” said ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski.

“We hope that more corporate health insurances will join this contract to ensure quality care with ReWalk exoskeletons for their insureds.”

In 2018, the ReWalk 6.0 personal exoskeleton system was listed in the Medical Device Directory (MDD) of the Head Association of Statutory Health Insurances (SHI), which includes all approved devices for insurance procurement.

That enables any of Germany’s 103 statutory health insurance companies to pursue standards of care for ReWalk, paving the way for the company to enter supply contracts with a number of German insurers.

ReWalk Robotics was founded 20 years ago and develops, manufactures and markets wearable robotic exoskeletons for individuals with lower limb disabilities as a result of spinal cord injury or stroke.

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