‘Revolutionary’ tyre system ends puncture pain for scooter users

Jonathan Hearth, Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility Euro has vowed to end the frustration that mobility scooter users face when suffering a puncture by introducing a groundbreaking ‘RunOn’ tyre system to its newest range of vehicles.

The Vecta Sport line of mobility scooters, which dealers got to see for the first time at Trade Days this week, has been three years in development and features a string of benefits that the Somerset-based company thinks will set it apart from the competition.

Managing director, Jonathan Hearth, said that encountering a flat tyre is one of the biggest fears of mobility scooter users, but its run-flat system overcomes this problem.

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“The tubeless run-flat tyres mean that if somebody gets a puncture they can still drive the scooter home without having to call out the breakdown service. I think it is revolutionary because punctures are one of the key worries for mobility scooter users, particularly when they are out.”

Electric Mobility’s RunOn tyre system

Hearth said that authorised dealers will be able to mend the puncture with a special plug kit without even having to remove the wheel from the scooter.

“It makes it a five-minute repair job rather than half an hour or whatever,” he said. “Our advice [if a user gets a puncture] is very clearly get home, call the dealer to come and repair the tyre and the dealer will be able to do that very easily.”

Asked if he expected other manufacturers to follow suit and introduce similar systems to their scooters, he said: “I think they would be foolish not to. But it takes quite a bit of time and development to develop tyres.”

The Vecta Sport was one of 14 new products that Electric Mobility unveiled at Trade Days and Hearth said the engineering behind the model makes it one of the industry’s most advanced scooters to date.

It features a powerful 600W motor, waterproof dashboard and a limited slip differential gearbox manufactured by the same company that produces gearboxes for Tesla Motors.

“It means that if one wheel hits a slippery patch, instead of that wheel spinning fast and all the power going and the scooter stopping, it transfers the power to the other wheel and you can keep driving through. It’s the original Audi Quattro technology but applied to a mobility scooter.”

Mr Hearth said that Electric Mobility continued to supply entirely through dealers, adding that an indirect channel model is “very much part of our ethos”.

He said this was particularly pertinent when it comes to products such as its new range of complex rehab powerchairs. “One of the issues there is a number of suppliers supply the NHS and direct to the Millbrooks and NRSs of this world and then the dealers find that they are not in a position to compete on price, so they do all the work and then they are undercut. With this range it will only go through Electric Mobility dealers, so it gives them huge reassurance.”

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