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Fish Insurance’s new Appointed Representative Scheme, designed to give more benefits to mobility retailers, is allowing access to DNA+, which is a new theft deterrent. DNA+ is designed to keep retailers’ customers’ mobility equipment from being stolen so they don’t have to suffer the distress, inconvenience, and loss of independence that scooter theft can cause. Each DNA+ kit consists of a special pen containing the DNA+ solution, along with a sticker to mark the scooter as protected, and an instruction leaflet. The pen allows customers to mark their scooter as their property using forensic technology. Each bottle of DNA+ contains a solution with uniquely-coded microdots registered exclusively to each individual customer. Dots of the solution are easily applied by the customer to various hidden places on their mobility scooter (such as joints, indents, slots, and grills). The solution goes on white, but dries clear, to make it simple for customers to apply correctly.

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