Reducing vibration with the Ethos from Ki Mobility

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The Ethos from Ki Mobility is a lightweight rigid wheelchair with a difference. That difference is Ki’s patent pending Isolation Technology which reduces the effects of vibration on the wheelchair user.

Published research shows that vibration has been linked to pain, fatigue and increased spasticity in wheelchair users (take a look on the Ki Mobility website to view a comprehensive white paper on the topic). So with the company motto of ‘better by design’ Ki set about creating a wheelchair that would dramatically reduce the amount of vibration felt by a user. The result was the Ethos.

As well as delivering exceptional ride quality and performance, even over the bumps, cracks and cobblestones of our everyday environments, the Ethos also cuts a striking look with its sculpted and attractive frame design, which is available in a combination of over 21 frame colours, eight highlights and eight anodised options.

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The Ethos from Ki Mobility has a transport weight of just 5.26kg making it a lightweight and high-tech solution for active wheelchair users.

Another feature that sets the Ethos apart from its contemporaries is the fact it features the first ever independently adjustable wheelbase. This allows the Ethos to be easily customised to create a perfect balance of agility, efficiency and responsiveness. The ultra-rigid base frame has just the right amount of flexion in the front to keep the casters on track when navigating all environments.

How does ISO TECH work?

Iso Tech, or Isolation Technology to give it its full name, is a patent pending method of isolating the seat frame from the base frame using vibration damping polymers. The result is a ride so smooth that cracks and bumps virtually disappear as the user propels.

The seat frame on the Ethos is completely isolated from the base frame and the casters are no longer attached to the frame the user sits on. As a result, vibrations from the casters are no longer transferred to the footplate and into the user’s body.

Four vibration damping polymers are interposed between the seat frame and the base frame. These act in unison to significantly reduce vibration. Different polymers are available allowing users to create their ultimate ride experience or to adapt their wheelchair due to changing needs.

The base frame of the Ethos has been engineered with incredible rigidity for optimum performance. The front caster design provides just the right amount of flex to smoothly navigate bumps and cracks. This ensures the perfect balance between performance and ride quality.

Even experienced wheelchair users have seen the benefit of the Ethos, Karah, a working professional who has been using a wheelchair since 2009, says: “In my old wheelchair my back and hips were so sore, and my feet were always bouncing off my footplate. Ethos has reduced my spasticity and improved how I feel throughout the day.”

To find out more about the Ethos from Ki Mobility or to read the White Paper on the effects of vibration visit or email

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