REACH LIST 2019: Top Five Stairlift Suppliers


With some of the lowest Reach Scores in the industry, stairlift suppliers – perhaps surprisingly – seem to fall short online.

However, when you consider that a lot of their trade is done through dealers it makes sense that their marketing strategies are not primed to reach as many end-users as possible.

Nevertheless, Stannah is a brand synonymous with stairlifts and with a Reach Score of 42, it retains a solid online presence. It goes without saying that Stannah and Acorn are fiercely competitive in the market and as the two main brands in the space, enjoy the largest stake.

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As such, they each have a sizable online presence as consumers searching for stairlifts are commonly directed to their websites thanks to more extensive marketing campaigns than competiton.

Acorn Stairlifts
Facebook likes: 2,642
Twitter followers: 1,157
Alexa UK ranking: 2,441,549
Reach Score: 16

Platinum Stairlifts
Facebook likes: 368
Twitter followers: 739
Alexa UK ranking: 5,260,652
Reach Score: 2

Handicare Stairlifts
Facebook likes: 81
Twitter followers: 275
Alexa UK ranking: 4,997,377
Reach Score: 1

Bespoke Stairlifts
Facebook likes: 116
Twitter followers: 502
Alexa UK ranking: 12,786,078
Reach Score: 0.5

Years of brand exposure and awareness among consumers has helped to push both firms’ social media followings which Stannah especially uses as a marketing tool.

Companies with a lower Reach Score may not enjoy the same online exposure as the two largest players but both Platinum and Bespoke are rapidly expanding firms in their own right.

Focusing on trade customers, both companies’ marketing strategies are arguably less concerned with getting the brand in front of the end-users and instead target the dealers who sell their products.

This does not restrict them from reaching a large volume of customers by other means and as they both grow it is likely their Reach Scores will increase organically.

Meanwhile, although Handicare’s Reach Score is eclipsed by rivals Stannah and Acorn, it certainly needs no reassurance that it is one of the sector’s top players with one of the strongest grips on the stairlift market.

Trading with a large portion of the UK’s stairlift dealers, the firm enjoys significant brand awareness offline and any improvement in its online operations will only add to its position.

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