REACH LIST 2019: Top Five Specialist Online Mobility Retailers


These are the companies you would expect to boast the highest Reach Scores.

Without a far-reaching e-commerce operation, businesses in this sector will struggle and as such a significant amount of their overheads are occupied by marketing.

With a giant Reach Score of nearly 5,400, online living aids retailer, Spring Chicken, is fast becoming one of the most talked-about internet firms in the business.

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It is easy to see why it is so well-known when you take into account its massive Facebook following, relentless Twitter strategy and solid Alexa placing.

Facebook likes: 17,646
Twitter followers: 1,538
Alexa UK ranking: 169,317
Reach Score: 1,133

Facebook likes: 23,483
Twitter followers: 2,507
Alexa UK ranking: 490,843
Reach Score: 529

Livewell Today
Facebook likes: 2,919
Twitter followers: 203
Alexa UK ranking: 2,291,204
Reach Score: 14 5

Co-op Mobility
Facebook likes: 744
Twitter followers: 143
Alexa UK ranking: 699,175
Reach Score: 13

Spring Chicken is certainly an online dealer for the industry to watch in the coming months.

In hot pursuit is CompleteCareShop (CCS). Recently acquired by NRS Healthcare, the brand is embarking on a new chapter of growth and redoubling its efforts to become the leading online mobility retailer.

Users seeking mobility aids are likely to see CCS’s name dotted everywhere across Google. Boasting one of the largest product portfolios of any online retailer, CCS’s takeover now means it is in a position to increase its stake on the market even further.

Combined with a Reach Score of well over 1,000, CCS demonstrates it has the perfect platform to reach and cater for new customers in the fast-expanding mobility market. is a relatively new company that sprang up online only recently but has already become one of the go-to places for dementia aids.

Operating a unique advice-led model, is big on social media and as the only online supermarket for dementia products, it is chosen over many general retailers by consumers shopping for people living with dementia.

Word-of-mouth has partly driven its brand but there is no disputing that its modern approach to marketing has helped shoppers to stumble across it while searching for dementia aids online.

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