REACH LIST 2019: Top Five Multi-Site Mobility Retailers


Striding ahead of the UK’s leading multi-site mobility retailers, CareCo shows that while it continues to expand into bricks and mortar it still remains one of the most dominant online retailers.

Running a multi-channel retail operation is no mean feat but CareCo has evidently kept its foot on the pedal where online is concerned as it has opened physical shops.


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Anyone Googling ‘mobility scooter’ is likely to land on CareCo’s homepage and it is one of the most visible industry brands on Twitter.

The company is steadily expanding its portfolio of stores but before it even arrives at a new location, its robust marketing operation means local residents are likely to have already seen the brand logo.

Betterlife Healthcare
Facebook likes: 4,755
Twitter followers: 948
Alexa UK ranking: 687,212
Reach Score: 82

Dolphin Mobility
Facebook likes: 3,702
Twitter followers: 2,035
Alexa UK ranking: 3,038,606
Reach Score: 19

Ableworld UK
Facebook likes: 3,300
Twitter followers: 1,005
Alexa UK ranking: 2,915,776
Reach Score: 11

Eden Mobility
Facebook likes: 1,983
Twitter followers: 756
Alexa UK ranking: 2,850,531
Reach Score: 10

If the retailer’s e-commerce operation continues to reflect its store opening programme then the industry can expect to see it retain its hold as the leading multi-channel player.

Betterlife, however, has not been left in the dust. Coming in at second with a significant Reach Score of 82 shows just how strong the distributor remains online.

If a customer is searching for mobility aids online, they are extremely likely to come across Betterlife. And with a solid website backed up by the LloydsPharmacy branding customers are likely to stay and make their purchases.

The third, fourth and fifth spots are closely contested by three leading multi-site firms with some of the most successful store and business models in the entire sector.

Dolphin, Ableworld and Eden are household names in mobility and it is unsurprising that their general brand awareness propels them into the top five list.

The most recognisable names on the high-street also rule the roost online which contests the notion that physical brands are falling behind internet-only sellers. That, surely, is good news for all the industry’s physical dealers, whether they make it into the top five or not.

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