REACH LIST 2019: Top Five Mobility Manufacturers


It is fair to say that Sunrise Medical’s core brand and its Quickie line sweep the floor when it comes to online reach.

Combined, their Reach Score is far, far greater than the other top five companies’ scores put together.

Thanks to a mammoth Facebook following, which is one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers, and a solid Alexa positioning, Sunrise and its Quickie and RGK brands are among the most far-reaching in the market.

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The good news for dealers is that before consumers even arrive at the showroom, chances are – if they have first researched online – they will have come across Sunrise’s products.

Facebook likes: 5,448
Twitter followers: 7,085
Alexa UK ranking: 1,017,104
Reach Score: 123

Facebook likes: 11,930
Twitter followers: 5,417
Alexa UK ranking: 1,430,792
Reach Score: 121

RGK Wheelchairs
Facebook likes: 7,871
Twitter followers: 3,717
Alexa UK ranking: 1,802,499
Reach Score: 64

TGA Mobility
Facebook likes: 4,609
Twitter followers: 4,845
Alexa UK ranking: 2,727,915
Reach Score: 35

Ultimately, while it is the retailers who make the final sale, it is still important for suppliers to make consumers as aware of their brand as possible and a significant Facebook following suggests Sunrise is the most engaged-with mobility supplier.

The company’s Q-series launch last year achieved significant exposure in the retail market and with NHS buyers.

The new powerchairs were also pushed heavily on social media which will certainly not have taken away from the initial success of the Q100 model, which sold well above expectation.

RGK enjoys significant exposure among consumers and is well-known as a specialist sports brand used by many top-level athletes.

Ottobock and Invacare are both well-matched and are likely to leap frog one another in coming months as Alexa rankings and social media channels fluctuate.

Similarily, while it did not quite make it into the top 10, it is worth noting that Electric Mobility increased its social media channels 30% in the run-up to Christmas thanks to a competition that was heavily advertised on social media.

Giveaway competitions like this are a popular way of reaching more would-be consumers.

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