REACH LIST 2019: Top Five Independent Mobility Retailers

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, independent mobility retailers have some of the smallest Reach Scores in the industry.

In a market where consumers will almost always research companies online first, it is very important for dealers to have a strong online presence, whether it is appearing high up in search engine results or being active on social media.


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One of the best examples of that is John Preston Healthcare, which just pips Ability Superstore at the post to secure the top Reach Score of the UK’s independent mobility sellers.

As one of the most trusted and largest sellers in Northern Ireland and Scotland, John Preston has a broad online reach targeting a number of sales channels. Notably, its Twitter following is lower than the rest of the top five but it more than makes up for this with its excellent Alexa ranking.

Ability Superstore
Facebook likes: 4,135
Twitter followers: 2,906
Alexa UK ranking: 2,981,913
Reach Score: 24

Better Mobility
Facebook likes: 314
Twitter followers: 1,379
Alexa UK ranking: 2,092,888
Reach Score: 9

First Choice Mobility
Facebook likes: 2,362
Twitter followers: 1,802
Alexa UK ranking: 5,367,886
Reach Score: 8

The Mobility Aids Centre
Facebook likes: 657
Twitter followers: 362
Alexa UK ranking: 1,713,671
Reach Score: 6

As a business that serves customers both locally and far afield, The Mobility Aids Centre comes in at fifth place. It is consistently one of the first retailers to appear on Google’s top results page in searches for anything mobility related, placing it in an extremely strong position.

If its social media following was higher its Reach Score would rocket. Nevertheless, it remains one of the industry’s most far-reaching companies, despite it having fewer followers than the four firms ranked higher.

Understandably, independent dealers do not generally have the time and resources to spend on SEO, social media and online operations. Although online reach is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive market, many businesses would agree that word-of-mouth is still one of the main ways of getting customers through the door.

Each firm in the top five serves customers well outside of their catchment areas and with some of the best Reach Scores in the industry, this trend can only continue for these businesses and others like them that push online operations.

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