QUICK-FIRE Q&A: Scooterpac on the importance of dealer relations


In conversation with AMP, Josh Rafé Coles, Scooterpac’s marketing manager, explains how working closely with the company’s dealer network is of paramount importance for the business.

How important is it to be working closely with your dealer network?

Working closely with our dealer network is paramount to the success of our innovative product line.

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Due to the unique nature of Scooterpac’s products it is vital that we continue to provide our dealers with industry leading marketing and sales support.

How do you go about doing so?

Specifically from a marketing point of view we are now offering Marketing Support Sessions.

These have been organised as either remote conversations discussing all the collateral and tools available to dealers or more in-depth on site visits offering product training run by our Account Managers and Lead Demonstrator.

Along the way we have discovered some fantastic ideas; one particular dealer has created short videos of the Cabin Car in the pouring rain; building that all important engagement on their social media channels.

Harnessing the power of this ideas library and whilst taking into account their individual requirements, these ideas can easily and effectively be applied to other dealers across the country.

More generally we continue to heavily invest in the physical marketing too. Over the last three months we have redesigned and upgrade the majority of our marketing collateral to give it that high quality finish.

Which methods do you think garner the best results for Scooterpac and the dealer?

There are a number methods which work incredibly well for both us as a manufacturer and the network. Since day one we have provided Cabin Car demonstrations to end users with a focused collaborative approach; working and meeting with a representative of the dealer.

It is also the little yet just as important touches that really help make the products stand out from the crowd, like the distinctive POS; Cabin Car flags, roller banners, windscreen stickers to name but a few.

Is this work tailored depending on which dealer you are working with and where they are situated in the country?

It is indeed something we are actively working on. Currently, before we work on a closer level with the dealer we assess all their key market information; store footprint, assess competition, current product offering and most importantly have a conversation with them about their longer term objectives and aspirations.

How has the new website and technology implementation helped you achieve a better working relationship with dealers?

It is early days as we are a currently in the middle of pre-launch for the new website but already we are gathering very encouraging feedback from our dealers.

Elements of these suggestions have been fed back into the development process to ensure the technology works for them; increasing their sales.

We want to ensure the move to the website and most importantly the new customer facing technology is not only practical but smooth transition for everyone.

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