Queen’s Speech needs to ‘kick start’ social care reform, Direct Healthcare chief says

Graham Ewart, CEO, Direct Healthcare Group

Graham Ewart, CEO of Direct Healthcare Group, has called on the government to “kickstart” social care reform following yesterday’s Queen’s Speech.

While welcoming the government’s pledge to bring forward social care reform proposals yesterday Direct Healthcare boss, called for the urgent addressing of the weaknesses in the sector exposed during the pandemic.

Speaking yesterday, Graham (pictured), said: “I am pleased the Social Care Bill has at last been addressed in the Queen’s Speech today, albeit lightly.

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“In order to truly provide the very best care for those in need, we need urgent long term planning and funding support, there are no ifs or buts. 

“The past 14 months have exposed the weaknesses of the sector and the pandemic has shown us just how important a new, national strategy and the care sector’s vital need for change.  

“We need to ensure the system can meet the demands of the growing ageing population, and that everyone in the UK has access to high quality care wherever they live, without being subject to a postcode lottery of services.  

“The outdated current system of underfunding has led to a price sensitive market. Not only has this enabled a market driven by cost over quality, but it has compromised innovation and the resulting clinical outcomes and levels of patient care. As a country which prides itself on being at the forefront of healthcare, we are falling behind our global neighbours in terms of driving the sector forward and providing the highest quality care which patients deserve.  

“Funding and the subsequent innovation it enables, is key for the future of the health and social care sector, and I hope the announcements today kickstart a much needed reappraisal.”

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