Q&A: Who is the ideal franchisee for Easy Living Mobility?

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What does the ideal franchisee look like to you?

Daniel Griffiths (Owner): Most people in business are in it to make some money. So what better industry to make some money than one where you can look after people. Our core client is the older person so they need respect. I believe we should respect our elders, I’ve been brought up that way. We need people who can do that.

Darren Legg (Franchise Development Manager): There’s a balance. They obviously need to be commercial to an extent, the flipside is that there needs to be that empathy and respect for the customer base. It’s finding those people who can mix those two together.

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Presumably it will be advantageous for a franchisee to have a background in the mobility industry?

Daniel Griffiths: It could be, yes. It could be that person in the industry who wants to move on themselves and doesn’t really know how to. This might be a door for them. It could also be someone who feels a bit stuck or someone who would love to develop their business but can’t get that account. We’ve got the platform to offer that development in the industry, however that needs to look, however the landscape changes in this sector. I just want people to follow in our footsteps. That person might be the right person inside but they just don’t know it yet.

What will a franchisee’s job entail?

Darren Legg: They’re accountable for their own business while following the systems already in place. It’s a retail store selling anything from daily living aids up to scooters, straight stairlifts and then developing into the more bespoke areas. There’s the shop side but then there’s the out-and-about side – the deliveries and the assessments in the community. They need to run their books with the system we provide to them and are responsible for making appointments for visits, repairs and servicing.

How will you go about vetting applicants?

Darren Legg: We have a clear process mapped out on the franchise website. First and foremost, they’ll meet us. It’s about them getting to see what the business is about and us getting a feel for what they’re about and what their ambitions are. There’s the financial aspect too – are they in a position? It’s a face-to-face meeting with Dan and myself. They key element is those people make contact with us, we get a feel for them and they get a feel for the business, and then we go down the set process.

What is the ideal location for new franchisees?

Darren Legg: In an ideal world they’d open relatively close to us initially. The reality is probably going to be different. We’re going to be upfront and say whether we’re comfortable to support certain locations. We don’t want to be too far away and unable to support them. That’s wrong. Ideally, franchises will open close enough – not too close. We’ll probably have to stretch those boundaries a bit but only if we’re comfortable with it.

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