Q&A: Topro’s Paul Briggs explains how confidence drives sales


Topro’s Paul Briggs, sales manager, has shared with AMP the company’s approach to dealer training and the benefits it can offer retailers.

What support tools or training schemes do you offer your dealer network?

We will offer training on all our products via an account manager to all our retailers. Once the initial sale has been made we book an appointment with the retailer and go and train all their staff on the products and features. This is repeated as many times as is necessary and we offer refresher packages if and when new members of staff come on board and/or we have new products to offer.

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How important is it that suppliers offer their network support on their new products?

Vitally important. We want the right products being demonstrated and sold to their clients. In our industry one size does not fit all and it is imperative that the dealers are knowledgeable and confident in selling our product.

What advantage will dealers gain from partaking in suppliers’ training schemes and using their support material?

We feel that once we have trained the retailer and their staff they will be more confident in presenting, demonstrating and importantly, selling the correct product to their customer. If dealers are happy and confident in the product we feel they will sell more.

How and why will support for dealers likely evolve in the future?

Our main support is via our account managers and also customer services, we are at present working on online support for mobility retailers as well as members of the public. Modern society demands instant answers and at Topro we recognise this and aim to go that extra mile for our customers. We are not the only manufacturer of rollators in the world so we endeavour to offer the best after sales service and customer service we can to make ourselves stand out from the pack.

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