Q&A: Scooterpac on realising dealer sales goals


Building strong business-led relationships is key for those on both sides of the market.

For dealers, working closely with a manufacturer in order to ensure they can provide the best service possible to end-users is key.

AMP spoke with Scooterpac’s business development manager, Kailum Keeler, to find out how the Suffolk-based company helps the companies it works closely with achieve their goals.

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How valuable is a working dealer/manufacturer relationship for both sides?

I feel that it is very important that we form a strong working relationship with all dealers and manufactures as we value every individual dealer as a partnership. Our dealers are effectively our brand ambassadors for our innovative products and therefore it’s of paramount importance that they are provided with our first class service, 100% of the time.

What’s the process from Scooterpac’s point of view?

I don’t typically stick to a particular process or set of rules. After all, rules are made to be broken. I feel a strong working relationship should develop naturally. I touch base with dealers once a week, ensuring they are happy and well supported. Of course, if they require any additional support then I’m there to provide that.

What benefits does this relationship with Scooterpac bring for dealers?

Due to our completely flexible nature in how I work with our dealers, every relationship is unique. It’s all about building a support package around their business’ sales goals and aspirations. Despite the fact we all working in the bigger mobility sector, the strategy of how we introduce our products and support a dealer to engage with their customers differs depending on their own sales strategy, local demographics and customer service policies.

You have dealers all over the country, how does it work logistically?

With our brand ambassadors located in every county in the UK has provided some interesting challenges but we have managed to support this strategy by providing dealers ‘exclusivity’ within an agreed proximity.

How is improving technology helping with this?

Considering the exciting direction Scooterpac are moving towards we understand keeping up with the latest technology is essential for us a business, not to mention all retailers who sell Scooterpac products.

We are heavily investing in our new online presence and dealers will see these inspiring and supportive features coming online very soon.

Our sales and marketing team have also introduced video conferencing calls – this is working well and we are looking at reaching out to more dealers across the next few months to provide a higher level of personalised support.

From an after sales point of view, we are continuing this effort by creating an online portal which will provide dealers and their engineers with lots of information and visual technical guides on how to troubleshoot and fix many of the common issues which can quite easily be rectified.

Specifically, what support is given to help dealers realise sales goals?

All dealers who we work with normally have their own sales target they would like to reach. After discussing this with them we would then look to provide support and guidance in the way we feel would benefit them as a business. This could be anything from market knowledge and selling techniques.

How do you ensure the support is still relevant for dealers after a product has launched?

We pride ourselves on the aftercare service we provide. We ensure that if any issues do come to light we will attempt to resolve this over the phone. If this doesn’t work, we have a fantastic team of engineers who are more than happy to travel wherever it may be to ensure the situation is dealt with. 

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