Q&A: How one dealer is preparing for the ‘rise recliner season’ ahead


Alan Ferguson, managing director at Candor Stairlifts.

What is the importance of rise recliners as a stream of revenue in the autumn and winter season?

As with any season, the need for high-quality rise recliner chairs remains high. However, as we near winter consumers will be spending more time indoors. This, in turn, prompts more enquiries into our chairs which ultimately drives a higher demand, peaking as we enter the Christmas period.

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What kind of preparations is Candor making to ensure it can capitalise?

Seasonal trends play a big part in our industry and we ensure that we align our marketing activity around the peaks that we see during the colder months. We keep our website regularly updated with topical blogs and helpful articles to help customers make an informed choice. We are always looking to add new additions to our showroom too to promote new products to our customers and optimise opportunities to cross-sell. We also ensure that our team have a good level of product knowledge across all products and attend regular training courses so that they can confidently give helpful advice to our customers.

What do you think consumers tend to look for in a rise recliner product?

The main consideration is comfort. Whilst our customers love the style and feel of a rise recliner chair, what is most important is the exceptional comfort they provide. Rise recliner chairs are expertly crafted and rigorously tested to ensure that they offer the much-needed support our customers are look for.

Are there any notable trends in the rise and recliner market you predict for 2018 and beyond? 

The good news is that we are continuing to see demand increase for rise recliner chairs and we are extending our product range to offer customers even more choice. Style is becoming increasingly important with consumers starting to view this as important as comfort and functionality.  Manufacturers such as Rise & Recline Ltd who manufacture here in the UK are continuing to innovate and provide a wider range of made to measure options for customers. More people are shopping online these days, and we’re responding accordingly by optimising our website and running online advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to our website.  Having a fresh website with relevant, up to date content is a prerequisite these days.

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