Q&A: Californian stairlift installer describes industry trends across the pond

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Joseph Jones, content marketing manager, California Mobility. California Mobility installs stairlifts across the entire state.

1. What is the balance between online and physical mobility retailers? How is this balance shifting?

Today’s senior population is more computer-savvy than ever before. As a result, seniors are going online to identify, research, and purchase durable medical equipment. While the shift to online purchases is accelerating, physical mobility retailers play an important role in the ecosystem by providing an additional layer of trust for in-person consultations and immediate, same day purchases.

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2. What are the main trends and challenges the US mobility market is currently witnessing? 

As the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation moves into their senior years, the demand for ageing-in-place products and services is greater than ever. For the consumer, navigating this landscape can be overwhelming. 

3. What do customers tend to look for in a mobility equipment provider? 

Customers are looking for reliable products at a fair price-point. They want to work with knowledgeable, trustworthy providers who listen to their needs and provide solutions that are practical for daily living. 

4. How do end-users fund their mobility purchases? Is this a challenge for the market? 

End-users fund their mobility purchases in a number of ways. Whether it is through their insurance, government benefits, health savings accounts, or out-of-pocket. Funding mobility equipment can be a challenge for seniors. As a result, many mobility providers need financing options available to lessen this burden.

5. Generally speaking, what are the main equipment suppliers like? Do they tend to offer good support to retailers? 

It really depends on the product that is purchased. The fact is that some products require more maintenance than others which underscores the importance of product reliability. When choosing a mobility provider, retailers should be aware of the provider’s service areas and warranty agreements.

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