Q4 DEALER PANEL: Dave Thompson, Warrington Disability Partnership

dave thompson warrington disability partnership

As part of this month’s dealer panel, AMP spoke with a number of leading mobility retailers.

The aim was to gather industry thoughts on how COVID-19 has impacted business plans and what that means for Q4 and beyond.

This is what Dave Thompson at the Warrington Disability Partnership had to say:

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How has COVID affected plans for Q4?

DT: There is no doubt, we are having to do things differently, as we respond to the needs of our customers. Confidence levels for many disabled and elderly people varies, but many remain very low, due to them feeling worried about venturing out of their homes.

As a result, we are offering more home assessments for lower level items. We have also reduced our hire range as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, we have moved our annual Disability Awareness Day exhibition to on line.

What plans have you put in place given how 2020 has turned out?

DT: We are looking to build on the home assessment needs of customers, with plans for a vehicle carrying a range of low level equipment that can be purchased from a van. In addition, we are developing an on line self-assessment model with one of our partners.

Have certain products or launches been delayed until the spring?

DT: We were planning to expand our hire range, but COVID-19 has resulted in us reducing the range due to cleaning and decontamination requirement. We are still planning on moving to a larger premises in one of our locations. 

Compared with last year’s predictions, how do you expect the year to turn out for you from a business point of view?

DT: There is no doubt, our overall sales figures will be down on our original forecasts, but overall income from business grants and Furlough payments, and savings made on general running costs, should close that gap on the bottom line.

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