Product update means Stiltz dealers can offer more installation options


Stiltz dealers can now reach more customers and offer a greater range of installation options after a product update saw the lift supplier extend the distance its equipment can travel by an extra half-a-metre.

Stiltz’s latest range can now travel to a maximum of 4.5 metres. The update meets the BS EN 81-41 European standard for lifts travelling over three metres.

The longer travel option allows the company’s authorised partners to reach out to end-users with more varied types of property, such as period buildings or homes with high ceilings. 

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In order for the lift to travel an extra 50cms, the homelift specialist has increased the size of the drum, while the modular, self-supporting rails can be customised to fit the size requirements of any ceiling.

Gino Farruggio, UK trade sales director for Stiltz Homelifts, said: “We’re delighted to have expanded the capabilities of our homelifts as this means our dealers can now offer their customers an even greater number of installation options.

“Our research and development team in Kingswinford have worked hard on extending the travel distance of our lifts following feedback from our distributors in countries like France and Germany, where properties tend to have higher ceilings than in the UK.

“The new 4.5m travel option means dealers can provide a unique solution to customers with higher ceilings who have an immediate need for a homelift.”

As part of its investment in product development, Stiltz Homelifts has also upgraded its Classic and Vista models with a new control panel which brings them in line with the Duo+ and Trio+ models.

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