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Precision Rehab, the powered wheelchair specialist, has set up a contactless client support system to make sure no clients are left without their wheelchair during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company is following all government guidelines and using all the necessary PPE to keep its employees and customers safe at this time.

The BHTA has also be added Precision Rehab to its list of company’s people can contact for assistance during this unprecedented period

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Director Matthew James commented: “Most if not all of our clients come under the umbrella of people most at risk from the coronavirus and are reliant on their powerchairs all day, every day.

“Therefore, when there is a technical issue, they need it resolving as soon as possible and this will often require a home visit. However, when possible we will try to diagnose the issue and resolve it remotely.

“Should a client visit be necessary and to ensure there is no risk to the client, their family, carer or Precision Rehab staff we arrive at a prearranged time and then call to say we are there.

“Someone, either client or carer, will then bring the chair outside for us to collect and sterilise prior to working on the chair.

“Once we have completed our work and resolved any issues, we fully sterilise the chair using antibacterial spray and wipes prior to contacting the client to say the char is ready for collection – all this is done wearing the appropriate PPE which includes disposable protective gloves and masks.

“We then wait outside for the client to test the chair and do not leave until they are happy.”

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