Powerchair trapped in platform gap causes tube delays

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A powerchair became stuck between a train and the platform causing severe disruption on the Central line in London yesterday.

Transport for London initially said the delays had been caused by a passenger not getting off a train but it later updated passengers.

Tube services were suspended because staff at Stratford Station were attempting to free a passenger using a powerchair who had become trapped in the gap between the train and platform.

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A spokesperson for TfL confirmed to the Newham Recorder that nobody was injured when the powerchair became trapped and apologised to customers.

A normal service quickly resumed on the Central line.

The London Underground is currently undergoing a number of accessibility improvements, including plans to make more platforms step-free.

The Central line is one of the oldest tube lines and is consequently not as accessible as some others.

Despite lift equipment improvements across the tube network, TfL was criticised earlier this month for the number of out of order lifts in the last year.

Lifts across the London tube network were out of order for a total of 306 days last year despite routine maintenance checks every two weeks, figures revealed.

The data showed that 77% of step-free access stations with lifts had faulty equipment in the 12 months to November 2018, leaving disabled passengers unable to access the service.

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