POWER LIST 2017: Anna Waugh, Managing Director, Simple Stuff Works

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For Anna Waugh, 21st century business requires 21st century thinking. She is making moves to change the way her business operates and this year has been actively hunting out wider audiences both in the UK and overseas.

Simple Stuff Works has achieved much of its recent business from Anna’s passion for educating clients on mobility equipment and developing messages and resources to make products accessible.

Aiming to be a luminary in the industry, Anna has a sense of her firm’s wider responsibility. She has commissioned research with two leading academic organisations in order to support its understanding of how therapeutic night positioning can be used to protect and restore body shape.

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With growth in mind, Anna has developed a plan for the coming 12 months that will see Simple Stuff Works invest its resources differently.

She has already been working hard to sell into the US as part of a move that could open up a lucrative export business for the firm.

This has involved learning about the processes it needs to adhere to and developing relationships with potential partners across the pond. As one colleague testifies: “Anna also manages day-to-day relationships within our business. She is a warm, caring and supportive individual who genuinely cares.”

Simple Stuff Works
Address: 4 Cavendish, Tamworth, B79 7XH
Tel: 01827 307870
Twitter: @SimpleStuffWrks

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