POWER LIST 2017: Anava Baruch, Managing Director, Design for Independence

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Innovation in home design is increasingly being seen as a vital component in the push to make houses more inclusive for people with disabilities.

But the mobility solution installers responsible for creating suitable environments need every bit of help they can get given the complex and various needs of each individual.

Anava Baruch is at the forefront of inclusive home design and, through her firm Design for Independence, is helping to change the way installers help people to live more independent lives. As an occupational therapist, Anava has vast experience of observing people functioning at home.

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She also has an in-depth understanding of how medical conditions and old age affect individuals. Her background enables her to support product designers and developers in creating inclusive design solutions for those who are less able.

Anava works on both new-build planning and the adaptation of existing property, and is experienced working directly with architects and interior designers.

Through her work at DfI, Anava is now regarded as a central source of trusted knowledge which access and mobility firms turn to for advice and consultation. There is now wider acceptance that more inclusive homes need to be built across the UK and, as such, Anava can expect her services to become even more in demand.

Design for Independence Ltd
Address: PO Box 227, Saffron Walden, CB10 9BT
Tel: 01799 588056
Twitter: @design4ind_uk

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  1. Thank you Joe, I am very honoured to be mentioned here! I believe we can do better, I believe we should do better for people with impairments. It’s the society that makes people disabled! It is not them and us, the likelyhood is that we will all be disabled at some point in our lives if we carry on designing for fit and healthy only! Thank you again Anava

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