Platform Lift Company brings new disinfecting air purifier to market

Air Purifier

The Platform Lift Company has brought a new disinfecting air purifier to market.

In releasing the product, the firm explained that 99% of viruses and bacteria can be killed by installing an air purifier within an enclosed platform lift.

The purifier can rapidly and safely disinfect air inside a lift and supplements existing cleaning procedures, ensuring lift environments stay clean and fresh.

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It works by circulating the air within an enclosed platform lift through a process of disinfection and purification.

The unit incorporates the brand-new sterilization technology called Germagic, an antimicrobial coating which gives “contact-killing”, “release-killing” and “anti-adhesion” abilities to HEPA filters, and a leak-free UV Photo Catalyst, eradicating more than 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Activated using biological recognition technology, air starts being purified from the moment a passenger enters the lift until the moment they exit. With a delayed shut down, the Lift Air Purifier continues to operate to ensure the air within the lift has been fully disinfected before returning to standby mode.

Any type of enclosed platform lift, including commercial and home lifts, can be easily installed with the air purifier system by the Platform Lift Company’s qualified engineers.

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