Petition for review on mobility scooter regulations given weight after new incident

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The family of a 92-year-old woman seriously injured by a mobility scooter has asked people to sign a petition calling for a review of equipment usage and insurance regulations.

Irmgard Wicken had to go to hospital with a broken leg, arm and wrist after a mobility scooter crashed into her in Feltham.

CCTV footage appears to show a scooter accelerating towards Ms Wicken who is flung to the floor.

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Police deemed the crash to be an accident but her family is considering legal action against the mobility scooter user if he can be identified.

The family also wants people to sign a petition started by the family of another pensioner who was badly hurt after being hit by a scooter last month.

They want tighter regulations over who can use a scooter and over insurance, which is not currently a legal requirement.

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  1. Why is it illegal to ride a two wheeled electric scooter on the road or pavement but not illegal for mobility scooters to ride on the road or pavements? I have watched the video of Mrs Wicken being knocked over. To my eyes this attack appeared to be deliberate. If I punched a pedestrian on the public highway and caused the damage this man has caused I would be charged with assault. The law needs to be changed.

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