Personal trainer aims to tackle poor accessible gym provision


A personal trainer has set up a new accessible gym at his home in Milton Keynes alongside a disabled man who felt frustrated by being unable to properly access mainstream gyms.     

There are just 56 gyms in England fitted with equipment for people with disabilities, according to Activity Alliance.

Glen Morgan, alongside Jake Leonard, who has cerebral palsy, has now founded a gym that cater for over 40 people with a range of disabilities.

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Mr Leonard told the BBC that he has now been able to do pull-ups, leg presses and box despite not being able to lift one arm or move one side when he started training.

Mr Morgan now trains fitness fanatics at his fully kitted-out adaptable gym, under the brand of Boom Power Performance Coaching.

He said: “This lad was paying full price membership and couldn’t get through the front door,” he said. He felt ridiculed and mocked.”

The gym has users with a range of physical disabilities and people with confidence issues and ADHD.

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