PARTNER SPECIAL: The cry for compulsory scooter insurance

Danny Bates, national sales director, offers market insight prior to the AMP Awards on Sunday 7 October, which is supported by Mark Bates.

Do you think scooter insurance will become compulsory? 

Most reputable dealers will not send a customer out on a product that they have not given them a certain amount of training to use and made sure it is appropriate for their needs; that said – nobody goes out in the morning believing they are going to have an accident and these are getting more and more common. I feel that if the media continues to bring these situations to the forefront of the general public, eventually there is going to be a cry for compulsory insurance.   

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Like any product, customers often base insurance on price alone. Is this an issue? 

Like the old adage – you get what you pay for! An insurance company is measured on its ability to help when things go wrong and the speed at which they put things right. Our five star Trust Pilot rating proves that our customers believe we are doing it right but no company should ever rest on its laurels and should always look to how they can improve. We have a portal on our website so that a customer can download their policy schedules and renew their insurance whenever it is convenient for them. The portal also gives them access to any policies they may have with us; whether it is a Mobility Scooter Insurance, Home Insurance or Home Employment Insurance if they are employing carers in their home.

Why is Mark Bates supporting the Unsung Industry Hero Award at the AMP Awards? 

Anybody that goes that extra mile deserves credit, and from the list of people that have been nominated it would seem that is exactly what each individual has achieved. It doesn’t just come down to customer service, although this is so important but it comes down to dedication to service, recognising where there is a need and in doing so customer care will follow.

How important is it for dealers to offer insurance?

Very important; we have a dedicated claims team who wouldn’t be in our employ if we didn’t have claims. Our claims team are there to assist the customer with their claim from the beginning to the end and to make the process as smooth as possible. Sadly there are many customers who haven’t had insurance and they do not realise the consequences of this. It was only recently in a BBC documentary that we saw a lady lose her house because she couldn’t pay the cost awarded by the judge as she had caused injury to a supermarket worker. All it would have taken is for the insurance to be in place and all the stress and strain would have been taken away. By dealers promoting the insurance they are protecting their customer and this all comes down to customer service again.

What do you think makes Mark Bates a competitive choice for dealers?

We have been in this business for a considerable length of time; 24 years to be exact and due to this we have not only gained a vast knowledge of the customer but also the dealers that sell the mobility products. We have a very large AR network of dealers that work with us to provide the best possible service to the customer and therefore enabling that customer to be independent and mobile if their product were to breakdown or they be involved in an accident.

What are Mark Bates’ upcoming plans for Trade Days?

We are happy to announce we will be sponsoring the VIP Lounge. Trade Days is always a special event for us, as it allows us to catch up with everyone, new and old and discuss future opportunities. In the last 12 months we have been working on a number of initiatives, such as new policy benefits, dealer portal and new schemes. All of these will increase revenues for our existing dealers and hopefully new dealers. Anyone is welcome to come and join us for a coffee and chat.

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  1. When the original Class 3 legislation was formed I understood that Insurance whilst desirable could not be made compulsory without an act of Parliament. I also understood with class 3 sellers were to assess the purchaser. How can Argos sell online?

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