Out-of-control scooter reached 20mph before flipping over in fatal accident


A man died after being flung from his mobility scooter when it flipped over after a wheel came loose because of a missing flat washer.

Shane Field, of Zamenhof Grove, Smallthorne in Staffordshire, was travelling down a road when he lost control of his class three scooter and fell from it.  

It was reported that the 8mph scooter managed to reach about 20mph when the offside wheel came loose.

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An inquest into is death found that that the wheel was missing a flat washer after Mr Field previously replaced the wheel himself following a flat tire.

According to a witness speaking at the inquest, Mr Field attempted to slow the scooter down by placing his foot on the ground before the equipment fell on its side and he was flung off.

Mr Field was taken to hospital on 8 April but died the following day from a catastrophic brain injury.

The inquest heard from Mr Field’s friend, Linda Dudley, who said that he purchased his scooter in August last year from Staffordshire Mobility and was an experienced driver.

According to a report by Stoke-On-Trent Live, which was present at the inquest, a witness said: “As I was walking up the hill I heard a rubbing and rattling sound and as I looked up I saw a mobility scooter with a male rider coming down the bank on Milton Road.

“He was trying to slow the scooter with his foot as he was travelling at about 20mph. As he passed me on the scooter it seemed to turn to the left and slipped over throwing him into the road and a wheel rolled down the hill.”

PC Carl Kelsall said found that the right wheel was missing a flat washer on inspection.

He is reported to have said: “I think it’s obvious that the missing flat washer on the offside wheel cause it to become loose and allowed the vehicle to increase in speed and fall to the right side and launched the rider.”

The coroner concluded that Mr Field’s death was a tragic accident.

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