Oticon launches MyMusic for people with hearing loss


Hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, has launched a new innovation to provide a clearer listening experience for people with hearing loss.

Co-created with music lovers, MyMusic is a brand-new way of amplifying music for Oticon More™ hearing aids users.

The new MyMusic programme, available to select in the Oticon ON app as and when needed, is the latest technological innovation to be added to Oticon More™ hearing aids.

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“Aiding people to avoid the many possible consequences of unaddressed or improperly treated hearing loss is always top of our agenda, as we strive to create life-changing hearing aids that let users live life to the full,” said Thomas Behrens, Chief of Audiology, Oticon.

“With this new, ground-breaking programme in Oticon More, we are excited to be bringing music back to life, fully restoring one of the greatest and most universal aural pleasures for people with hearing loss.”

Oticon said: “MyMusic is a brand-new way of amplifying music to bring out the details. It has been developed from the ground up based on the unique characteristics of music, using the innovative features in Oticon More™ hearing aids and ensures we deliver you an outstanding music listening experience, whether you’re streaming directly from a device or listening live.

“Regardless of your level of hearing loss, you can once again enjoy every little nuance of your favourite music.”

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