Online mobility retailer ‘taps into customer psychology’

An Irish entrepreneur who founded an e-commerce site selling mobility equipment following the success of previous business ventures, says the mobility sector involves more psychology than most.

Ronan O’Brien launched The Costume Shop, which was a huge hit online and subsequently opened the Bikini Shop and in 2011, having built up an expertise in e-commerce.

In an interview with The Times, O’Brien said that there is “more psychology involved” in the mobility market, and described how the business made adjustments as he learnt from customer trends.

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He said that people who do not want to accept that they need a walking stick are happy to instead use an umbrella with a rubber tip designed to be used as a cane.

O’Brien has also discovered that people visiting The Mobility Shop’s website would often quit the site before buying a wheelchair because they did not yet accept that they needed one.

But the entrepreneur found that people will happily rent equipment instead, telling the newspaper: “So we added a rental service and people typically buy them after they’ve rented them.”

O’Brien enjoys solving problems in business and added: “Money doesn’t motivate me at all. It’s the challenge I like.” sells traditional mobility aids and intends to work with its client base to increase its range and also offer new products currently not available on the home market.

O’Brien’s portfolio includes e-commerce specialist, Zatori Results, an online pet store and a site that sells marine electronic. His total group revenue is nearly £2m.


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