Online mobility dealer with a difference ‘booms’ shortly after soft launch

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An online mobility retailer that had its soft launch recently is determined to show that it is able to offer a proper service to customers and insists it is not a ‘box shifter’ but is committed to providing a quality experience alongside competitive prices.

Headed by Jason Wittering and Richard Smith, MobiQuip says it offers “something unique and refreshing” and that it is “not entering the race to the bottom where some of the other online mobility retailers seem to be”.

MobiQuip is currently undergoing completion of its launch plan and is working with investors to create visibility for the company while undergoing its soft launch.

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Marketing manager, Jordan Heppleston, said: “We effectively switched MobiQuip ‘ON’ just a fortnight ago and in simple terms it’s boomed, in fact almost too quick to the point we are much busier than we expected to be initially.

“We are unique as we are the only UK online mobility company to offer a complementary full engineered delivery and home demonstration on all powered mobility equipment.

Heppleston hopes offering customers a full retail experience rather than “having a very large cardboard box dumped on their doorstep by a courier” will differentiate MobiQuip from other online dealers.

He noted that although there is a wide choice of mobility products available online there is not always a wide choice of appropriate, experienced, comprehensive and expert advice available.

“You can get product information anywhere, you can get competitive prices anywhere but that personal one-to-one experience MobiQuip offers is not available everywhere.

“Our sales team are comprehensively trained on everything they sell, they have all touched, tested, driven, unboxed, built and handled every piece of equipment we sell. Is there any other online mobility company there that have their staffed equipped with this level of experience?”

He added: “We are specifically aiming ourselves at the new-to-market online mobility customer who want and need experienced information, which we feel is fair game for any business operating in the online mobility market place and a fantastic opportunity for MobiQuip to capture this type of customer.

The MobiQuip management team said that it believes that there will always be a future for the bricks-and-mortar type mobility shop and noted that the traditional mobility retailers who have shops “in most cases do a great job and we commend them for this”.

Heppleston concluded: “There is always a lot of scare mongering out there where sometimes all people seem to read or want to talk about is the death of mobility retail but we disagree, likewise we also disagree that the people who are online mobility customers just want to buy the cheapest thing they can buy online from a website.

“MobiQuip are not entering the race to the bottom where some of the other online mobility retailers seem to be, we are unique and are excited about what we offer to the mobility industry.”

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