Occupational Therapists praise work of stairclimber firm AAT GB


Assessing the access needs of people struggling with discharge from hospital or inability to access parts of their home, Occupation Therapsists have praised the work of AAT GB.

The firm is the only stairclimber company in the UK which offers OTs and adaptations teams a free of charge client assessment.

This is by whatever means is appropriate for each case, either remote, virtual or actual.

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The facility is also available nationwide.

Further helping accelerate the process, provision of a stairclimber is usually classed as a minor adaptation, or even simply provision of equipment.

Most local authorities already have at least one in their stores, which can be quickly deployed to where needed. Alternatively, new models are available ex stock. Whether re-issue or a new stairclimber, AAT provides comprehensive free training for two carers as part of the process.

Peter Wingrace, AAT’s director, said: “In the current strange times, it is crucial to employ whatever means are appropriate to expediate solutions for people in need.

“It offers added benefit if that solution is cost-effective against alternative solutions, and can be provided almost instantly, and requires no building work. The range of accessories means it can be easily tailored to each person for optimum safety and comfort.”

He added: “Our stairclimbers offer a best value, safe solution to getting people home from hospital if the limitation is accessing the different floors of their home. If someone needs a wheelchair to be moved safely up and down steps or stairs, a stairclimber provides the answer. It minimises, and can even remove, the transfer from wheelchair to transportation equipment and back again.”

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