NRS Healthcare to help mobility dealers cash in on personal health budgets

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Major mobility provider NRS Healthcare will increasingly be working alongside mobility retailers to help end-users access mobility solutions via personal health budgets (PHBs), which are granting people funding to find their own solutions from private providers.

The company has recognised that there will be more opportunities for private companies in the mobility market as local authorities are having to signpost end-users to reputable providers.

Now NRS is partnering with mobility retailers to help them step in where public care providers are struggling to. Its recently launched service, Safe & Well, refers end-users on to reputable and NRS-approved retailers.

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Currently Safe & Well operates in 11 UK counties but the service will soon be launching nationally, meaning retailers around the country will be able to benefit from appearing on NRS’s site.

Mobility dealerships who want to work alongside NRS will receive additional training and monitoring to ensure they meet necessary standards.

Andy Delany, responsible for business development and project management at NRS, revealed yesterday that there will be an estimated 100,000 PHBs handed out by 2020, compared to 10,000 in 2016. PHBs can range from a few hundred pounds all the way up to tens of thousands.

“NRS’s tool is very prescriptive. It will give specific information on the equipment people need. It’s quite compact in how it directs people towards products. It will direct people to local dealers,” he told an audience at Trade Days.

Delany reminded retailers that PHB providers will prefer dealers who can demonstrate they are reputable and adhere to a code of conduct when choosing businesses to signpost end-users to.

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