Niche markets can help mobility firms stand out from competition, group says

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Mobility dealers and installers are well within their rights to question entering a non-traditional area of the market which could be considered as a risk. But the opportunities on the table are strong for the companies that get on board with kitchens early on.

Trade group, The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA), made up of retailers and more than 100 manufacturers, believes that in spite of all the current pressures on the kitchen arena, firms in the sector have a unique opportunity to grow.

Membership manager Dawn Harlow advises: “Getting involved in a niche market can make your business stand out from the local competition. By diversifying and establishing a reputation for good service, with the backing of a professional trade organisation like the KBSA, your business will go from strength to strength.”

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Inclusive kitchen provider Design Matters is already working with a number of dealers in central Scotland and on the south coast of England. It insists that there are many advantages in getting involved in a niche sector. There is less competition, and the advertising opportunities are more condensed and therefore more effective, it argues.

Being involved in a niche sector spreads financial risk; if retail sales are a little quieter, accessible sales often pick up and even out cashflow. However, it warns that the commitment to the accessible kitchens market is significant. The training period for both designers and installers is extensive, and marketing presence must be maintained continually as the sales cycle tends to be longer, generally.

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  1. Here at The Mobility Aids Centre, we have been involve in the niche products for nearly 40 years.
    In the beginning we found that the above statement was probably true but over the last 10 years with the internet playing a big role in the purchase of everything, we find we are a great place for people, including local social services etc. to start their hands on search for products and information before going on to the internet to save money (often buying from the manufacturers themselves). We have a well equipped kitchen facility with moving surfaces and cupboards and a toilet with a well known wash and warm air dry toilet etc. all available and usable.
    Our retail center also has all the latest daily living aids set in a modern showroom with air conditioning,and alongside a fully equipped service center with ample parking. Some days we have customers that visit our showroom after going on our internet site, they feel they want that extra service and personal touch, and to take the product away already built up and working. We have invested heavily on technology and unique products over the years, including Children’s positioning wheelchairs, Rough terrain buggies standing and toileting and in recent years specialist fitness equipment for the disable and elderly. We also accommodate The Inspire Charity and a non Lycra Gym with 4 session a week including Tai-chi and Zumba. To sum up i believe we have survived so far by having good staff that care about our customers, giving advice to people about products we don’t sell, and being a family company having three generations keeping us abreast of the times..

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