NHS trusts call on smaller local firms to put in for more tenders


Two NHS trusts are calling on local businesses to come and meet their procurement teams so they can put in for tenders on things like equipment maintenance services.

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust are hosting a ‘meet the buyer’ event next month to give local suppliers the opportunity to find out how they can do business with the trusts.

The invite is open to large and small suppliers within a 50 mile radius of the Keighley and Bradford area.

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The trusts buy many different goods and services from all kinds of suppliers and the event is to help local businesses find out how they can register to be part of the competitive buying process and for higher price contracts, how they can put in a formal tender.

The event will be held at the Education Centre at Airedale Hospital on 15 April and will include information on where the trusts currently buy their goods and services, how they go to competition, payment routes and live demonstrations throughout the day on the tendering process.

Both Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford District Care Trust said they are “keen to work with local suppliers” for many areas including medical consumables, non-medical consumables and equipment maintenance services.

Oliver Golledge, deputy head of procurement at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We want to increase the amount of business we do with local suppliers, doing so supports the local economy and decreases the trusts carbon footprint.

“We want to work in partnership by encouraging local suppliers to register on our online quotation tool and to hopefully explain the tendering process for higher value contracts.

“From discussions with local suppliers it has been highlighted that often a lack of clarity around business opportunities and the lack of awareness about the tendering process may well be stopping them from applying for the trust’s tenders. We’re hoping this event will help to change that.”

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  1. Why would a small firm bother? The last time I had a contract at renewal I was undercut by a company with an unrealistic price. They went broke after six months and it cost the health authority a fortune to recover their equipment and run the contract.
    Later contractors do the same thing but now seem to get bailed out by the health authority. We always complied with the time aspect of the contract, but no one seems to bother any more. Three days often turns into six weeks. The “to big to fail” seems to give them protection which a small company would not have.

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