New suitcase for wheelchairs hopes to be hit with disabled travellers

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A new suitcase has been developed which is compatible with wheelchairs and can be fixed on the back to make travelling for wheelchair users easier.

Inventor Andrew Slorance hopes his new Unstoppable bag will allow disabled travellers to take wheeled luggage with them and not have to ask for help carrying it when they travel alone.

Having remortgaged his house to start his company, Phoenix Instinct, he has already taken delivery of 1000 units and is waiting for components to arrive so he can begin shipping.

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The Unstoppable bag is now in production at a factory in Moray. It is currently sold directly from the supplier to consumers but there may be scope for a retail channel via mobility dealers.

Slorance told the Daily Record that he conducted a survey where 70% of people said they wouldn’t travel alone because they couldn’t move their luggage, indicating a demand for his invention.

He told the newspaper: “People have had to carry bags on their laps and try to push their chair, which is very difficult. They also hang rucksacks off the back of the chairs. That can make them fall backwards.

“There’s nothing like this bag anywhere else in the world. When the wheelchair turns, the bag turns in sync. It had to follow the wheelchair perfectly. It had turn 360 degrees on the spot, go backwards, up slopes, over kerbs.”

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