New report reveals team working is the key to business success

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The report by Nestle, shows research from 2,000 managers and workers and highlights that 90% of managers consider feeling part of a team is an important factor in employee happiness.

80% of managers also say it would benefit employee effectiveness if there were more opportunities for workers to spend time as a team.

The same number say taking coffee breaks with colleagues helps to strengthen office relationships.

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That sense of belonging is also a key factor to workplace productivity with six in ten office workers saying they work harder when they feel part of a team.

Positive work relationships also encourage staff retention with nearly two-thirds of workers saying they would stay in a job longer because of their great colleagues and team.  

The survey also found that flexible working is cited as the top factor by employees for making them happier at work and the key attribute manager’s believe employees are looking for from an employer of choice.

Also, half of office workers say getting away from their desk helps them to feel more creative in the workplace and 40% of workers say a nice work environment and office layout would make them happier at work.

Steve Norris, sales director and workplace channel lead at Nestlé Professional said: “The research shows that a happy and cohesive team is a key factor to business success, particularly when it comes to productivity, staff retention and boosting employee morale.

“The survey also recognises the importance of taking a break to help strengthen office relationships and employee effectiveness.”

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