New lift sanitising solution from The Platform Lift Company

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The Platform Lift Company has announced the introduction of a new lift sanitising solution in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Based in a number of locations across the UK and Ireland, the company has introduced a new Italian-developed system to clean lifts.

The CARe system uses innovative air and light technology to sanitise lift cabins with antimicrobial cleaning.

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The automated device includes a fast-acting Absolute HEPA filter, combined with an activated charcoal membrane to continuously sanitise the air.

On top of this, a UVGI LED light with hospital-grade antimicrobial properties is used to efficiently sterilise all surfaces.

Air is vacuumed from the lift cabin then channelled through pipes to the device where it is filtered and purified from any virus and bacteria, before being safely circulated back to the lift.

The same system is used in hospitals, the company said, removing 99.9% of microorganisms from all surfaces.

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