New launch from GN Hearing promises greater access to hearing technology

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GN Hearing has announced the launch of a new hearing aid portfolio designed to give people greater access to hearing technology and professional care, enabling them to connect with others during periods of self isolation.

ReSound Key, which has been rolled out globally, promises clear, natural sound quality and features the latest technology, such as rechargeable options and direct streaming using iOS and Android devices, so that more people can stay connected.

According to data published by the World Health Organisation last year, only one in five of those who could benefit from hearing aids are using them, leaving a large proportion missing out on life’s sounds, communicating with family, and socialising with friends.

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GN Hearing said ReSound Key will make a “huge difference” to people with all types of hearing loss.

GN Hearing CEO and President, Gitte Aabo, commented: “At GN Hearing, we believe that everyone deserves great hearing. Treating hearing loss can radically transform lives, helping people to thrive and grow. The launch of ReSound Key gives more people access to the best care and professional guidance, which helps them feel more confident and stay in touch with others to participate fully in life.”

Working with apps, ReSound Key can connect to a range of wireless accessories for additional help in challenging listening situations. New integrated, streamlined fitting and software updates are designed ensure a seamless first fit and customer satisfaction.

ReSound Key is available in 10 models, including the rechargeable Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) design, custom hearing aids, and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) options.

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