New hearing aid claims it allows users to ‘thrive’ in noisy environments

oticon opn s hearing aid

A Danish company behind the first internet-connected hearing aid has developed a new piece of equipment that claims to enable people with hearing loss to experience speech understanding at a level on par with people with normal hearing.

The new Oticon Opn S helps people with hearing loss cope better in noisy venues, such as bars and restaurants.

The hearing aid also aims to remove feedback (the bothersome whistling that hearing aid wearers commonly experience) and is fitted with a range of connectivity features.

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Oticon promises that its new hearing aid will add “layers of innovation” to deliver even further improvements in speech understanding and listening effort.  

Opn S claims it can provide the brain with up to 30% more speech cues. It also features a new OpenSound Booster in the Oticon On app so that users can select a boost of hearing support whenever they feel they need it.

“Parties, family dinners and restaurants can be extremely daunting when you have a hearing loss,” said Ole Asboe Jørgensen, president, of Oticon.

“The background noise and multiple speakers makes following conversation challenging and many would rather avoid these situations.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that with Oticon Opn S, for the first time, users with uncomplicated hearing loss can experience speech understanding in difficult soundscapes as well as people with normal hearing.

“We know this will make a huge difference to the lives of users, and without the risk of feedback, users can also feel confidently comfortable wearing their hearing aids.”

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