New equipment clinic piloted to help supplier reach more wheelchair-users

Stuart Pegg SOS

Equipment manufacturer Specialised Orthotic Services (SOS) is attempting to streamline itself and reach more clients than ever before with a new assessment clinic concept it is piloting in South Wales.

The community equipment and wheelchair assessment clinic in Bridgend opened last month and will provide product assessments for both children and adults with specialist seating requirements.

SOS is attempting to break away from the traditional method of travelling out to individual clients’ homes for assessments and instead wants them to come to its centres.

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The idea is that its assessors can see far more people in a day than its current method, which it deems to be inefficient.      

Production director, Stuart Pegg, who is in charge of the operation, said that SOS’s outreach clinics are a move to “streamline” itself.

“We used to have one guy who went to Wales for a week and he’d go to people’s homes and do all those jobs. What we’re trying to do is draw all those people into one area.

“He perhaps saw four people a day but if we get them into the clinic we can see 10 or 15 people a day. If it’s a success there are other opportunities that we may look to roll out. Our own clinic room on-site was opened last month. Whatever problem there is we can solve it on-site.”

SOS recently partnered with wheelchair services provider AJM Healthcare when it took on a new contract in Derbyshire and allowed it to use its clinic at its Burton-on-Trent manufacturing site.

Pegg said that the partnership has worked “really well” and is hoping that it is a model that the can be repeated and developed further with other providers.

He added: “Bridgend is in a very good position – it’s very central to the biggest population in Wales and also the South West. It’s all about getting the people to come to you rather than driving around for hours.”

Read the full interview with Stuart Pegg in AMP’s June edition.

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