New ‘dealer-friendly’ stairlift promises fewer aftersales issues


Handicare’s new straight stairlift is designed to appeal to its network of mobility dealers as much as it is to end-users, thanks to a number of new features supposed to make it easier to handle, fit and maintain.

Following the launch of the 1100 stairlift at Rehacare in September, the equipment has been ‘flying off the production line as quickly as it can be made’, according to its designers.

Its tooth and grease-free slimline rail and continuous charging strip make it quicker to install and easier to sell, according to Handicare.

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The continuous charging strip along the full length of the rail is designed to mean fewer after-sales issues for customers, as well as Handicare’s trade partners and its own customer service and breakdown teams.

Paul Stockdill, Handicare’s national sales manager, said the design team has worked to deliver a stairlift that “not only provides end-users with an attractive and reliable solution but is also good for our trade partners to stock, install and maintain”.

“For example, making batteries easier to replace was a must. We’re confident the 1100 has desirability, reliability, installability and profitability – it’s a win-win design for everyone that’s already flying off our production line as fast as we can make it.”

The unique selling points of the Handicare 1100 are its tooth and grease-free slimline rail and Quattro (four wheel) motor drive system based on friction drive.

The silver anodised rail claims to obscure less of the stairs than any other stairlift system, and, with no visible mechanism or grease, it is aims to be easy to keep clean.

Stockdill added: “The rail is slimmer, lighter and easier to cut and join thanks to the fact that there is no greasy tooth track, which means it’s nicer to handle too.

“The stairlift has been designed by engineers for engineers and key standard components are now housed in a click-in control unit which can be replaced easily if necessary.

“Both the batteries and motors can be removed with minimal standard tools so they’re quick to access, while the non-handed track and pack mean it’s more versatile and therefore easier to stock for our partners.”

The manual model of the Handicare 1100 straight stairlift is available now in the UK, with powered swivel/footrest and non-handed seat models due for release later in 2019.

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