New anti-slip product hopes to gain traction in UK mobility market

fibregrid edgegrip

A firm has launched a new anti-slip stair nosing which is designed to improve safety on steps and stairs with its highly durable and slip resistant properties, and aiding visibility with high contrasting colour.

Fibregrid’s EdgeGrip anti-slip stair nosing has been developed as a cost effective, long term solution to the obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act Part III and in particular, the sections relevant to the partially sighted.

In order that the obligations are satisfied, in essence, all stairs accessible by members of the public, should have a contrasting coloured nosing fitted to the step edges and in addition, such nosings should provide a slip resistant top surface.

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The silicone oxide grit is embedded into a specially pultruded GRP profile which is resistant to swelling, stretching or warping over a wide range of temperatures and physical stresses. Its strength means that it will help cover lightly chipped stair edges making them safer whilst protecting the stair edge itself to further costly damage.

With its patented feather edge, EdgeGrip safety nosing can be fitted to almost any step without creating a trip hazard. Even when fitted to landings and extra deep steps, its unique design provides the most secure solution. It is 3mm thick, and can be applied to timber, steel, concrete, ceramic, and open mesh surfaces. It is most suited for high traffic areas, Spiral staircases, Fire escapes, Most staircases, External stairs (GRP) Internal stairs, Platform edges and Kerb edges (GRP).

Dirt and debris can easily be removed using a stiff brush and should be carried out on a regular basis. To meet Building Regulations (for new build) the nosing must be 55x55mm, it should not be bigger or smaller.

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